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effect of testostrone
"According to the Mayo Clinic, at about age 40 testosterone production in men starts to decline. This is sometimes called male menopause, as physiological changes like loss of muscle mass accompany the change.
Unlike the rather rapid changes that occur in women, though, this decrease in male hormone production is gradual, perhaps a percent or two per year. In general, then, one would expect the highest testosterone men to be under age 40, though significant differences may not occur for another decade or so. A testosterone shortage could cost you your life. As if losing muscle mass, bone density, and your sex drive to low T levels wasn’t bad enough, new research sgows the decline can also increase your risk of prostate cancer, heart disease, and even death.
natural substitute of testosterone
The natural substitute of testosterone grows in South Asia for centuries. Local herb called Kwao Krua Daen' (lat: butea superba) is well- known for its quality as natural booster for male functions, while latest researches explain the effect of this herb. simply put: it is the major substitute of human male hormone - testosterone, that control not only sexual functions, but almost all man body.

in another words:

You can boost quality of your life with only single and yet most potent herb:

butea superba


the method is simple and known for centuries:

2-3 gramms per day. that is it.

~ 1 capsule contains 0.5gr of Organic Butea Superba
~ we supply only pure organic Butea Superba, grown with very high ecological standards 600km Morth-East from Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand.


  • Improves nutritional support for erectile capacity
  • Dilates blood vessels in the penis to increase blood flow
  • Increase sexual desire/libido
  • Increase the fullness of erections
  • Causes penile muscle to relax
  • Restore sexual power & sensation
  • Free up testosterone, which increases your sex drive and endurance naturally
  • Increase energy & vigor
  • Improves penis size (diameter & possibility for length too)
  • Increases sperm count, prolongs sperm motility in vitro while produces no changes on sperm morphology


ANNUAL SUPPLY OF 1,200 caps 500mg of ORGANIC Butea Superba


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