Pien Tze Huang (original)
Pien Tze Huang (original)

Known for centuries as successful cure for liver failures, hepatitis and cancer at early stages

This remedy posses very strong properties of stopping pain caused by severe inflamations, failures and often used by cancer patients.
Chinese medics describe Pien Tze Huang as very strong "Yin" (as in "Yin - Yang" Philosophy), so strong it can balance sicknesses caused by exsessive "Yan" i.e. liver failures and cancer developments. Used for treating acute, chronic or viral hepatitis resulting from internal heat or blood stasis, ulcer and pyogenic infections, unknown galls, injuries from falls, fractures, contusions and strains as well as all kinds of inflammations.

Package: 10 "boxes" of 3gr each. see picture below:

BELOW IS: 1 [ONE] small box of 10 [TEN] boxes from the ORIGINAL PACKAGE. It is 3gr of Zhang Zhou Pien Tze Huang. We can ground it and fill into 10 capsules according SPECIAL REQUESTS. So TOTAL IS 30gr. suitable for 1 month

Dosage: Severe casses 0.6gr (2 300mg capsules) 2-3 times a day. Grind into fine powder and mix with warm water. Injuries, inflamations, joint pain - 1 capsule (300mg) per day should be enough. Some patients take 1 capsule (300mg) once in two days, which is good for mild and average inflamations.

Ingredients: Musk 3% Cow-Bezoar 5% Sanchi 85% Snake Gall 7%

UPDATE: While grinding be careful not to "burn" the Zhang Zhou Pien Tze Huang in the electric grinder (such as coffee beans gringer). The best is to manually crush it into so called "manual crusher/grinder" old way

UPDATE September-2014: Since last 3 years the wholesale price of PienTzeHuang had doubled. The reasons was "limited supply of main ingredient vs. higher demand". This time we heard a rumor that there's going to be another 10-15% increase. We have to apologize for our customers who found this product helpful, but likely in October-November 2014 we'll have no choice but increase retail price too. We do our best to keep it as low as possible, but please consider $1200+ per pack fall'2014.

UPDATE January-2015: Good news! Last autumn we were able to pre-order Pien Tze Huang in bulk! This means we can keep the same price until it lasts. No $1200 this winter for sure

UPDATE March-2015: Probably current price will last till the end of 2015. Less panic though ...

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Thanks for the fast shipping

Steve Mc. - 31st August 2014

This is the second time I buy the PienTzeHuang from you guys. I have to thank you for the fast and accurate shipping. It is expensive product after all, and my wife needs it badly
Steve M.

Thanks Alex

Sam - 25th July 2012

What is the MUSK?.I read the online encyclopedia ,I still have no idea how the musk cures the cancer?
But my wife is better and stronger every day.

Nice and fast shipping

Sam Smith - 01st March 2010

I certainly buy again from you

Michael Borone' - 11th February 2010

I certainly buy again from your site

Professional job

Michael Angelle - 27th November 2009

Alex, thanks. I will certainly re-order this stuff. Keep the good job.

Fine and very fast shipping

Andrea Chaqworth - 21st November 2009

Dear Alex,
thanks for your kind support - we received Pien Tze Huang almost within a week.
If I may, I would recommend your site and service

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